Trust is not an algorithm

Thanos Karagrounas

One in every 5 people own a smartphone, one in every 17 own a tablet. The number of smartphones in use passed the 1 billion mark in the third quarter of 2012 and analysts predict that it will double by 2015.

We take them with us everywhere all the time. We are able to do almost everything online. Our ‘smart friends’ have become an extension of our body and maybe soon they will ‘live’ inside us. As technology becomes smarter, new opportunities, products, services and business models emerge. Most importantly, new experiences are introduced in almost every aspect of our lives.

However, in case you haven’t noticed we are becoming a ‘vehicle’ for transporting our ‘smart technologies’ around; it definitely feels like it sometimes. With a single click you can make ‘friends’, buy a book, plan your holidays, check what is happening around and so on. We slowly get disconnected from our physical reality living in a digital world around the clock.

We are using technology to make things simple (finally!!); undeniably a big part of our life is shifting online creating unprecedented numbers of digital interactions.

We are rapidly become part of so many that we risk being part of nothing.

Some effects of this shift are visible and should be alarming to say the least. ‘Connected’ constantly; ignoring the people around us. Some spend more time sharing and following than living. Wouldn’t it be healthier focusing this energy on meaningful human interactions rather than increasing the numbers of our digital connections?

Think of the person you trust the most; the person you share your secrets, ask for help or their advice when in trouble; was your relationship built online? Probably not!!

The reality is that both the physical and digital dimensions co-exist today. It’s hard to find a balance but we need to be thinking carefully when developing strategies, approaches or solutions for digital experiences.

Personal interaction and shared experiences is fundamental for building trust; a quality that cannot be ‘coded’ in any system.

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