Expertise level: Senior (10+)

Industries: Sports, B2B Services, Events

Expertise: Marketing, Strategy and Change Mngt, Talent Mngt

Regions: Europe, Asia, North Africa

Maya de Filippo is a real globe-trotter with more than 10 years experience living in countries such as; the UK, Poland, China, Morocco and Switzerland. Hungry to learn and with a curious nature, Maya has worked in wide range of industries such as insurance, event planning, commodities, B2B services and sports, allowing her to quickly grasp new environment and industries.

Maya worked in China for more than six years before relocating to Europe. She worked for several B2B companies to define and implement an effective marketing strategy adapted to this complex and unique market. She developed new products, repositioned brands, created and implemented marketing and communication campaigns and developed internal training, from ground roots to director level. She believes Marketing and Sales goes hand in hand and has cooperated with the Sales functions of the companies she has worked for to allow her to understand first-hand the markets she was operating in.

She has strong experience in event planning and project management and has piloted and delivered several events such as the second edition of the British Business Awards in China, a nationwide event with the objective to promote British Business in China, the first edition in Beijing of the European Chamber of Commerce Gala Ball and the Senegalese Embassy National Day Celebration.

In 2012, Maya joined the marketing department of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to set up and head a new function called Rights Activation. She worked closely with the TOP sponsors, the Broadcasters, the Organising Committees and the National Olympic Committee to ensure integrity in the use of the Olympic Brand and help the commercial partners of the movement leverage the brand in the best way possible. Maya structured the function, hired new team members, implemented new processes and tools to improve servicing across the various groups of clients, reviewed the Olympic Brand & Activation Guidelines to adapt them to marketing trends and developed a robust training programme.

In 2014, Maya decided to set up her own business as Consultant. She believes that to survive in this competitive world, companies and people alike must perpetually improve and evolve. Her aim is to work side by side with businesses and their people to facilitate this process.